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Mohammed Qassim looks further

For many years Iraq has produced world renowned doctors, engineers, scientists and geniuses, an evidence for that is the young student “Mohammed Qasim Abbas” whom managed to offer many software projects using different programming languages (such as php, xml, html, Ava, script and css) to the worldwide stage through local and across the regional seminars and conferences. On top of that he was the only Iraqi person to be invited by Google. He has also created a computer based program, such as the electronical record for students project, sales account software for inventory, software for IQ tests and games and presented a modified version of windows XP at his school. He had done all this with only little support coming from his inner circle. His latest invention is communication software that doesn’t need the internet nor the mobile sim card to function. It works through fixed wifi signals between two servers in a specified range, what’s great about this software is that you can communicate easily and upload your files to it and share it instantly. This service costs less than the ordinary internet service and as a bonus its also safer and hacker-free. Mohammed says that he has tried his software and it worked fine but it is still under development. The only thing that this project lacks is a solid true financial sponsor that can develop this software and make it worldwide.


By Ali Ihsan on November 3, 2013

Mariam Alashbal her story continues

By Ali Ihsan on September 23, 2013

Youth speakers meet-up with US embassy – دعوة متحدثوا تيداكس بغداد للشباب في السفارة الامريكية


Last Thursday, the speakers of TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2013 had the pleasure of meeting officials from the US embassy in Baghdad. The speakers were invited to have a meeting with the office of Cultural Affairs. It was a great chance for everyone to (more…)

By Ali Ihsan on April 17, 2013

The Dream: Continued

After the 45-minute break,  the event started again at 2:15pm, began by the talk of  Noor Sabri, the Iraqi national football team goalie, who addressed the issues of youth in (more…)

By Bellah on March 16, 2013